martes, 14 de abril de 2015

Recycling Survey Students Feedback!

Interview in Puerto de la Cruz!

Last Wednesday, 25th March, we, the students of 4º ESO from María Pérez Trujillo Secondary School did an excursion to the coast of the town to interview tourists.

The questions of the interview were related to recycling and the importance of saving to help the planet.

We left the school at 08:30 a.m (more or less), and got at 09:30 a.m to Puerto. After listening to the instructions of the teacher, we went in groups of 3 and 4 students to begin the interviews.

Each one was carrying an identification
 card. All the groups went away to different areas of the coast and, once in an area, we began to do the interviews.

We interacted with many people, they were in the habit of being old people but we could do our work well. At 12:45, we had to be in the meeting point (indicated by the teacher at the begining of the activity)  to return to the school all together.

Apart from having been a very entertaining experience since we did many photos and laughed very much, we could experience a real situation in which we had to speak English. 

Rocío Bassi

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