domingo, 14 de junio de 2015

Cooking Management First Course Students prepared a vegetarian menu

Cooking Management First Course Students prepared a vegetarian menu (they´ve prepared different menus types along this school year)for the school restaurant and, they talked about it in English while they were working! Thank you!! A perfect final oral test practise!

jueves, 28 de mayo de 2015

Book Day

   Last Thursday and Friday our school celebrated the Book Day. 

  Many classes acted in those days. And my class participated reading the scene two of Romeo and Juliet by Shaskespeare.

  This day was funny because this scene is very romantic and entertaining.

  I don't know what else to say, because for me, this day apart from being funny, was a normal day.

Recycling Survey

  Last 25th March, all class went to do a survey to tourist in Puerto de la Cruz.

  I went with Adriana and Jeni, we met two German people, a women and man. They were very friendly and they answered the questions for the survey very well in Spanish, because they didn't speak English.

  In my opinion, last year, the survey was letter, the tourist were more friendly and they had more time to talk to us in their holidays.
  This survey and the last year survey are a great experience and I'd like to repeat it.

sábado, 16 de mayo de 2015

School Book Day

Last week International Book Day was celebrated in our school. All the students did something and some group did a little performance for example our class showed a little performance of Romeo and Juliet and 3º ''diver'' did a very funny performance with recycled things about pollution. 
It was a great book day and very funny.

viernes, 15 de mayo de 2015

School Book Day
 Last 24th April at I.E.S María Pérez Trujillo, my school, all the students celebrated the "Book Day", it was a long day with many funny and creative events.
 It was also represented some Romeo and Juliet and Don Juan Tenorio's scenes. There was a drawing contest, the students draw many wonderful pictures and so, on that day,  some students won a great prize. Finally, Bachillerato students performed a famous and funny drama play.
The result showed a total collaboration among all the students and it was a very funny and different day.
Fermín A. Pérez García. 4ºA

International Book Day

domingo, 19 de abril de 2015

English Survey

This year I didn't like the excursion. Last year tourists were more willing to do the survey. But the people who agreed to do the survey were very nice. This year I think there wasn't good weather and there were fewer tourists. Many tourists were busy!
For me, the excursion of last year was better than this, but it is a good experience.

miércoles, 15 de abril de 2015

Survey in Puerto de la Cruz

On 25th May I went to Puerto de la Cruz. There, I and my group interwiewed some English, German and Finnish people . The survey was about recycling and a lot of people said that they recycled and only one person said that he didn´t recycle.

I met many people who were very friendly and I interviewed a very friendly old man. Later, at the break-time, I went to McDonald and there I ate an hamburger with my friends.

The teacher took many photos and videos. At one o´clock we took the bus to come back to the secondary school

The next day the teacher created a movie with the photos and videos of the activity, it is a good film for the students!!

I liked the tour because it was a beautiful experience. We had to make the interview with many days of effort. We had to go to Puerto de la Cruz, where we had to "remove" the shame and ask, politely, if they could help. Same have said so but others did not and we had to respect the decision and politely say nothing happens. 
We have learned many things.
Before Easter, my classmates and I made an excursion to Puerto de la Cruz again. It was about an interview about recycling.

As last year, we met a lot of grateful foreign people whom we did the interview.

It was a really interesting excursion where we practised real English with native English speakers, although some of them were other language speakers who also spoke English.

We were separated in diferrent groups with four or five students. When we started doing the survey, while one of us was making the questions, the other one was writing the answer in a sheet. The interview was made of seven closed questions.

My group agreed with me in that the foreign people are much more polite and friendly than a lot of people here.

It was such an amazing day where we enjoyed a lot and we learnt many different things.
If it were my desicion, I would repeat this activity every year.

martes, 14 de abril de 2015

Recycling Survey Students Feedback!

Interview in Puerto de la Cruz!

Last Wednesday, 25th March, we, the students of 4º ESO from María Pérez Trujillo Secondary School did an excursion to the coast of the town to interview tourists.

The questions of the interview were related to recycling and the importance of saving to help the planet.

We left the school at 08:30 a.m (more or less), and got at 09:30 a.m to Puerto. After listening to the instructions of the teacher, we went in groups of 3 and 4 students to begin the interviews.

Each one was carrying an identification
 card. All the groups went away to different areas of the coast and, once in an area, we began to do the interviews.

We interacted with many people, they were in the habit of being old people but we could do our work well. At 12:45, we had to be in the meeting point (indicated by the teacher at the begining of the activity)  to return to the school all together.

Apart from having been a very entertaining experience since we did many photos and laughed very much, we could experience a real situation in which we had to speak English. 

Rocío Bassi

English day in Puerto de la Cruz.

It was a great day for me.

In the morning, my partners and me waited for the bus to go to Puerto de la Cruz.

When we arrived, the groups were separated going to several places and we started looking for the people to interview.

Although it was an English survey, we could only interview some German and Finnish people.

For our surprise , everyone recycled. I enjoyed the day a lot.

I wish we could repeat this activity again.

Gabriel González González


jueves, 26 de marzo de 2015

Recycling questionnaire with 4th ESO students in Puerto de la Cruz

4th students have practised real English this year again. This time they have prepared and done a new questionnaire: Recycling! Great experience and so motivating for all of them!!