martes, 28 de junio de 2016


Hi everybody! This is the final third ESO students´ mini project. Students have enjoyed a lot and we hope you enjoy it too. Happy summer holidays! See you in September!

domingo, 31 de enero de 2016


Special English class. Last Thursday an English man came to our English class and told us about the English culture. He was making all of us to participate. He spoke about the meals of English countries, their customs, their music, the royal family, etc. He gave us a paper where it was written “A, B, C, D” to participate quietly. I liked that because we didn’t talk as we usually do with other activities like this. In my opinion, it was very funny although it only was a talk. I had a good time. It would be a good idea to do this type of activities more often. Alba Torres 3ºA
LAST THURSDAY ACTIVITY. Last Thursday we were speaking in English with Jon. The activity that he proposed to us was very funny but it hasn´t got a name. The activity had several parts. First, we were learning about English culture and laughed nonstop. Second, we played a game about singers and other artists. In this game, Jon gave one pen to the student that guessed the name of the artist. Later, we were learning about the Queen Elizabeth and her family. I didn´t like this part of the activity, it was very boring. Then, we saw how the British flag is formed and we had to choose options A,B,C or D according to the correct answer. But what I liked most was the game “Who wants to be a millionaire”. This game consisted of choosing one option and for each correct answer, you got some “money”. In my opinion, Jon was a very good person, the students were very happy with Jon. Fano, one of the English teachers at our school, smiled and we smiled. The activity was very good. I would like this activity would be repeated because we learnt and smiled. Naybet Andina Buzzian 3ºA
Last Thursday. Last Thursday, just after the break, an English man came to our class. I remember he was tall, and he was wearing a purple T-shirt. He came from Burlington Books. The man —Jon— taught us some things about the UK's flag, the Union Jack. He also spoke about some random things about Britain, like popular food or the Royal Family. He asked some questions, and if a student gave him the right answer, he would give him (or her) a pen. Yara played "Who wants to be Milionaire" and won a pen with a highlighter on the other side. I remember that he asked for the most popular food in England. He made us to choose between four foods, and only a few people answered right. I was one of them, because I remembered seeing somewhere that curry was one of the favourite foods in the UK. Maybe it was in Doctor Who, I have learned a lot of things with that TV show. We also learned how to pronounce Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, a Welsh city, but it was too long so we forgot it soon. It was very funny and interesting, and we learnt a lot of things. We also skipped Geography, so I liked it. Urma González Tombolato 3ºA
LAST THURSDAY ENGLISH ACTIVITY. Last Thursday Jon, a man who works in Burlington Books, came to the school. He talked us about The United Kingdom, its culture, popular food and other interesting things. Jon started talking about the countries that compose United Kingdom. They are Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England. Then, he showed us the different flags of each country, their capitals and the symbols that represent them. Jon asked us many questions and if you knew the answer, he gave you a yellow and white pen. When he finished to explain, he chose me to play at “Who wants to be a millionare?” I had all questions right so I won a “super fantastic pen”. I enjoyed the activity and I want to repeat it. Yara Abreu Infante
LAST THURSDAY ENGLISH ACTIVITY. Last Thursday a man came to my highschool, Jon, an English. Jon was very funny with us! We played with him and the winners got a fantastic pen. I liked this activity. Jon was a very funny person, he made jokes and spoke about things of England. Some of my partners, Walid, Yara, Christian , Urma, Naybet, Alex were the winners for some games. Jordi Siverio Bethancourt 3ºA
"Last Thursday English activity" Last Thursday an English man came to my highschool to talk about typical things about his country. In this activity I learned: who the queen is, the food they eat in England...He would give us a pen if we said everything right. In my opinion, this activity was great because I learned a lot of things about my favourite country. In the future I´d like to go there and see everything. Now I know more things about England.Nadean Hernández Dorta 3ºA
On 14th January a man who was from England came to tell us things about England. He wrote questions on the whiteboard and we had to say if the correct answer was a, b, c or d. He told us about the Queen of England, about food and meat. We also learnt about streets and vehicles in England and then finally we played a game. Alexandro Fariña Farrais 3ºA
Last Thursday English Activity Last Thursday, the school organized an incredible activity with an English person. His name is Jon and he started the activity talking about United Kingdom. It is composed by England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Then, he did a game with paper and questions. In this paper the letters A, B, C and D were written and you had to choose the correct letter to answer the questions. I loved this activity. I would like to repeat it. ALEJANDRO PADILLA RODRÍGUEZ 3ºA

domingo, 17 de enero de 2016

LISTADO DE ADMITIDOS BECAS INMERSIÓN LINGÜÍSTICA 2016 ¡Mucha suerte para nuestro alumnado participante! Esperamos impacientes el gran día de la publicación del listado de seleccionados.